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Horses & Other Planets

Horses & Other Planets
Always looking for new ideas and new format, the Ukrainian Naturist Organization undertakes another saga in the Crimea, a little before the main summer season has already gone underway. A trip to a Tartar stable in the nearby mountains gives rise to a fabulous trek in lush green forests and against mountain landscapes, all naturist-style, of course. And another day when rain keeps us indoors, we continue our long-term project of the THE PLANETS, with some of our younger friends giving vent to their imaginations as they draw and paint their own dream versions of the planets of our solar system. So, another original film is completed, and we hpe you will be pleased as we continue our forward steps with horses and other planets

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Eastertide – birth of spring. A perfect day naturist style

Happy Easter! In Kiev naturist families honor and love this holiday. A lot of fun, games, costumes and krashenok … Christ is risen! They greet each other. Truly He is risen! They answer to the greeting.
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Kicking Off The Kiev Summer

When summer begins in Kiev, local nudists hurry to toss the winter clothes and naked come in their favorite vacation spots and meetings on the bank of the Dnieper. Young and old, appear in these places to open next summer Kiev season, a season of communication, gaming and entertainment.

Christmas Cheer and a Happy Naked New Year

You are almost certainly guaranteed a white Christmas in Kiev, and 2008 was no exception as some of our hardier friends frolicked naked in the snow, while others preferred the hot atmosphere of the sauna and its many heated rooms where we could play billiards, invent our own Christmas games, have a great Christmas party picnic, and just dance and laugh and sing through this great party atmosphere, while our cameras, discreet as always, captured this unique blend of happy naturist families having happy naked fun.
There was talk of a “hippopotamus”, but luckily only Polina’s pet rabbit came along. True Christmas cheer for all of you, and a very happy naked new year to come.

Jump for joy! The summer’s here

Some trampolines on the sand bring the nudist acrobats who jump, flip, and twist under the warm sun and near the crashing waves
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Mars and Muddy Merry-Making

When the sun is in the Crimean sky and the sea is a cradle for all our dreams, we continue our project of the Planets, having found a new Mars, Thomas, and his acolyte (son), Sahatsawat, which means “born with the century.” They create paintings of the planet Mars and the sun, with the girls aiding in their own way. We also visit Silent Bay to indulge in some soothing volcanic mud-covering, now also an annual pilgrimage. All in all a new look at old places, with new faces to light the way
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Naked in a Winter Wonderland

Christmas time, and a lot of festive fun and games take place in front of a blazing log fire at one of Kiev’s best saunas, when the local naturists meet to celebrate in their own way this great holiday season. Family fun is the theme of this gathering, and while some of the more hardy run through the snow for a quick splash in the river, others play games that include charades, body-decoration parade, billiards, a fairytale based on the three pigs and the big bad wolf, and the whole festive atmosphere is enjoyed by one and all as Father Christmas arrives to distribute little presents, and the final “jingle bell rock”, complete with candles and sparklers, is a lively naturist hymn to what turned out to be a fantastic Christmas party when all our friends were truly naked in this winter wonderland. 60 mins
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Happy Birthday Luiza

A cake on the beach, a few games, and when an unannounced storm upsets the outdoor fun, we transfer to our home where the games continue into the evening, where an impromptu disco rounds off what was a perfect day, as we all say with sincerity: Happy Birthday Luiza!
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